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About the Creator

MONTENERI  was created by Neriana Heri from her passion to illuminate the beauty of every woman through fine jewelry.
Shortly after having emigrated from Europe in 2000, Neriana immersed herself in the jewelry business with the hope of sharing intimate stories through her designs. Neriana’s passion was evoked by her grandmother, a prolific jewelry collector, whom of which she has a tight-knit relationship with. Neriana’s grandmother had a personal story attached to each piece of jewelry she kept. After her grandmother passed and the communist government confiscated her jewelry, Neriana could only manage to save her grandmother’s ring. This ring tells an invaluable story that captures the love she feels for her grandmother and it has inspired her to open her own jewelry store—MONTENERI 
MONTENERI seeks to trace back to their roots and uses only the finest 14k gold, handcrafted in Europe to bring you luxurious heirloom jewelry.